Cold Waters Epic Mod


Cold Waters Epic Mod 2.35+fix4 (12.06.22)


*Fixed newspaper dates on English
*Fixed random loading screens
*Fixed a critical bug in the USSR 1968 Campaign
*SS-N-3a Shaddock - radar guided

*Improved SAM algorithms
*Correction of the probability of hitting missiles
*Correction of dipole countermeasures
*Fix Towed Arrays on surface ships

*Important fix for torpedo wake-homing
*Fix FF Garcia 1968
*Fix the use of AI SAMs
*Correction of the probability of intercept missiles
*Voice volume correction
*Fix music in battle
*Added Mac OS support

-New model 1143.5 "Admiral Kuznetsov"
-New model USS Long Beach
-Realistic missile interception trajectory
-RBU are used to destroy torpedoes
-Advanced homing system for Top torpedoes
-Important fix for torpedo homing distance
-More aggressive AI
-AI attacks with rockets in various modes
-AI attacks with torpedoes from appropriate distances
-Correct targeting AI torpedoes in 1968
-Improved AI damage control system
-Expanded the sound engine of random creaks at depth
-Reduced the size of vegetation underwater, etc.


Changes in 2.34 version (update 21.01.22):
*Hotfix - wake homing system

*Hotfix - passive homing system

*Hotfix - explosion of SS-N-27B Sizzler when starting from SSBN Borei
*Hotfix - pr.885M cavitation (Yasen-M)
-New torpedo/missile homing system
-New model pr.955 (Borei)
-New model pr.665 (Whiskey Long Bin)
-Added a smooth disappearance of smoke from rockets
-Change the effects of the explosion of missiles
-Explosions of warheads upon impact on the bottom of the ships
-Improving the color of smoke in cloudy weather
-Increased visibility
-Added modification of pr.659T (Echo I)
-Added ASW SS-N-16 "Stallion" 650mm
-Added torpedo MGT-1 400mm
-Added torpedo SET-72 400mm
-The ASW SS-N-15 "Starfish" 650mm is used
-Fix critical bugs in NATO Campaign 2000
-Fix Towed array on Astute Class SSN
-Fix wire control on Valiant Class SSN
-Fix cavitation Narwhal Class SSN
-Fix the probability of meeting Narwhal Class SSN
-Fix the trajectory of the ICBM flight
-Fix the maneuvering of slow torpedoes
-Fix the maneuverability of MANPADS missiles
-Fix Towead arrays on Ships, which have them
-Fix the probability of dipole clouds
-Fix the probability of shooting down missiles in 1968
-Fix news events of the USSR 1968
-Fix AI under ice cover
-More aggressive AI, etc.


Changes in 2.33 fix3 version (update 30.10.21) 

-Fix missile guidance to ground targets
-Fix cavitation pr.658M (Hotel-II)
-Fix cavitation SET-65, SS-N-21 «SAMPSON»
-Fix foam USN CG Leahu, DDG Kidd
-Fix the depth of search for torpedoes
-Rearmament of Victor-III, British submarines 1968
-Corrections guidance and warhead UMGT-1
-Correction of British torpedoes
-Corrections of noise of slow torpedoes
-Corrections of the interface in English
-Correction of damage on difficulty Elite, etc.


Changes in 2.33 fix2 version (update 10.10.21):

-Fix a critical bug in Campaigns on missile submarines
-Fix ballistic trajectories of ASR and ICBM
-Fix the noise of some submarines
-Fix periscope depth pr.629 (Golf)
-Fix texture bug pr.641 (Foxtrot)
-Fix missile missions on pr.651 (Juliet)
-Fix the position of the retractable pr.671RT (Victor II)
-Fix position of Towed array, cavitation SSBN Vanguard
-Fix cavitation SS Cobben
-Fix of cavitation of torpedoes SET-40, MK-46, MK-48
-Fix the wake of DDG Kidd, CG Leahu
-Fix sounds of torpedoes, submarines, ships, guns, etc.


Changes in 2.33 fix1 version (update 13.09.21):

-New pr.885M "Yasen-M" (Graney) model
-New SSN Virginia model
-New SSN Trafalgar model
-New SSN Nautilus model
-New SS Oberon model
-New SS Kobben model
-New FFG O.H. Perry model
-New DD Spruance model
-New CG Ticonderoga model
-New BB Iowa model
-New Type 21 frigate model
-New model of SAM SA-N-9 Gauntlet
-New model of SAM SAM SA-N-1
-New model of SAM SA-N-4 Gecko
-New model of SAM SA-N-7 Gadfly
-New model of SAM SA-N-6 Grumble
-New model of SAM RIM-2 / RIM-24 / RIM-66 / RIM-67A
-New model of SAM RIM-7 Sea Sparrow
-New UUM-125 Sea Lance model
-New SS-N-21 Sampson model
-New SS-N-22 Sunburn model
-New SS-N-9 Siren model
-New SS-N-3A Shaddock model
-New MANPADS models
-New ICBM models
-New UGST (Futlyar/Fizik) model
-New SAET-60M model
-New MK-50 model
-New Mark-8 model
-New Mark-20s model
-New Mark-23 model
-New Tigerfish model
-New Spearfish model
-Fixes pr.949A (Oscar-II) model
-Fixes pr.885 "Ash" (Graney) model
-Optimization of loading models
-Update visual effects
-Update interface
-Update AI, etc.

fix1 (update 13.09.21)
-Fix quick missions in English
-Fix default HUD on submarine


Changes in 2.32 version (update 05.08.21):
-New model of pr.885 "Yasen" (Graney)
-Reconfiguration of wire breakage of torpedoes
-Reconfiguration of Towed array breakage (over 28 knots)
-New icons on the minimap as in DW (torpedoes, missiles, SAM)
-New coastal maneuvering algorithm (work in progress)
-Fix AI maneuvering in shallow water
-Fix the position of the periscope on pr.949a (Oscar-II)
-Fix cavitation SSN Virginia
-Fix cavitation SSN Sturgeon
-Fix cavitation SSBN Resolution
-Fix cavitation SSBN Vanguard
-Fix cavitation pr.659 (Echo-I)
-Fix cavitation pr.675 (Echo-II)
-Fix cavitation pr.661 "Anchar" (Papa)
-Fix missions in the Amsterdam area
-Correction of visibility underwater, etc.


Changes in 2.31 version (update 09.06.21)
-New model of the SSGN Oscar-II
-Updated visual effect of cavitation on all submarines
-New algorithm for passive homing of torpedoes
-Configuring the AI behavior in the event of a torpedo threat
-Advanced use of weapons by AI
-Reconfiguring the strength of the torpedo wire
-Reconfiguring the effectiveness of missiles
-Edits of maneuvering and visual effects of all Chinese ships
-More competent setting of the torpedo search depth of the AI
-Reduced darkness at depth
-Modified models and textures of Spearfish, Tigerfish torpedoes

-Fixed immortal PLAN Sovremenny class

-Fix errors in the log when playing on SSN Akula
-Fixed cavitation of UGST, Spearfish, Tigerfish torpedoes
-Fixes in NATO Campaigns
-Fixed SSBN Xia torpedo tubes
-Fix DDG Spruance effects and maneuvering
-Fix of torpedo tubes of the SSBN Delta III
-Fix the noise level and the maximum depth of the SSBN Yankee
-Fix of the maximum depth of the SSN Sierra / SSN Sierra-II
-Fixed ammunition of the SSN Victor-II, etc.


Changes in 2.29 version (update 18.04.21)

-New model of the USS Ohio
-New visual cavitation effect
-Fine-tune the AI during combat
-Edits to the AI navigation on the global map
-Specify the names of cities on the map
-Adjusted the noise level of the torpedoes
-Sensor sensitivity is adjusted
-USS Permit Removed in 2002
-Spearfish torpedoes Removed in 1984
-Tu-142 Removed in 1968
-Removed " time travelers"
-Edit the visual effects of submarines
-Edits of prefixes, texts, etc.


Changes in 2.28 version (update 23.02.21)
- Surface-to-air missile systems on ships
​- Improved AI
- Fix the enemy's capture of their territories by amphibious invasion
- Fixes for AI navigation on the global map
​- Destroyed submarines and ships do not disappear at depth
- Revised the noise level of torpedoes
- Fix polar ice
- Fixed the effects of AK630 and others.


Changes 2.27 version (update 31.12.20)

-Fix a critical bug in the NATO South China Sea Campaign
​-New models of missiles
-Fixes of towed antennas on some submarines
​-Redesigned the darkness at a depth of
-Fixes in Campaigns
-Fixed music in the intro of 1968, as well as supplemented music, etc.
-Added authentic AK630 sound, Engine sounds and propeller noises of surface ships WIP


Changes 2.26 version (update 20.11.20)

-Fix a critical bug that caused some mods to not start immediately after installation (dictionary_message_log)
​-New submarine, new torpedoes and missiles on it
-Fixes and managed Chinese SUBMARINES + one new modification
​-Redesigned the darkness at a depth of
-Redesigned the behaviour of the enemy SUBMARINES while avoiding the torpedoes
-Fixes campaign NATO
-Fixes for some submarines
-The set-65M was removed from 1984
​-Sea Lance replaced by SUBROC (while with a torpedo)
-Towed Array can be released at periscope depth
-Redesigned some interface elements, etc.


Changes in 2.25 version (update 04.11.20):
-Fixes for critical bugs (the continue button disappears)
-Does not throw back to the port on contact near the base
-Crew leveling in all Campaigns
-Updated system for calculating pre-emptions
-Darkness at depth
-Improvements, fixes, extensions


Changes in 2.24 version:
-Restored the Chinese Navy
-The revival Campaign in the South China sea (NATO)
-Rebalance the noisiness of submarines
-Masking the player's submarine noise with more noisy objects nearby
-New models 658M, 65-76, 65-76A, 3M-54
-Expanding the list of NATO ships, player ships
-Improvements, fixes, extensions

Changes in 2.23 version:
-New models
-Accounting for the caliber of torpedo tubes
-Versatility of the missile guidance mode (surface / ground targets)
-Indication of the launch point of enemy anti-submarine missiles
-Setting markers on the tactical map
-Metric system, menu language and voice-overs change in the game options
-Improvements, fixes, extensions
-Critical fixes in USSR Campaigns

Changes in 2.22 version:
-Full English NATO Campaigns 1968, 1984, 2002 + Surface fleet Campaign (beta)
-Fire of artillery guns of the player's surface ships (ENTER)
-Fire RBU (anti-submarine rocket launcher) of player's surface ships (SHIFT + ENTER)
-Fire CIWS of player's surface ships (automatically)
-Use of anti-missile passive interference on surface ships (DELETE)
-Added Campaigns on the Global Map for the Surface Fleet
-Expanded list of playable surface ships
-AI of the enemy applies anti-ship / anti-submarine missiles depending on the target
-Advanced interface size settings (for low resolutions)
-Fixes, edits, improvements

Changes in 2.12 version:
- Crew experience (test in the USSR Campaign 1984 North Atlantic)
- Fixes of the NATO Campaign 1968, 1984, 2002 (beta)
- Fix artillery of surface ships
- Fix guidance torpedoes on surface ships
- Fix guidance torpedoes on the submarine
- Extension damage to surface ships
- Dates in the corresponding language, etc.

Changes in 2.11 version:
- NATO Enhanced Campaigns 1968, 1984, 2002 (beta)
- Optional Russian / English version of the mod
- Optional Russian / English crew voice acting
- Optional metric / imperial measurement systems (meters / feet)
- Ability to cross the screen border on the Global map
- Rebalance of NATO submarines (noise, anti-echo coverage)
- Corrected Towed array release points
- Updated / returned awards of Russia, USA
- Player surface ships in quick missions
- Fixes, improvements and add. information
- Additional parameters in the config
- Add. interface settings: Miles and seconds in the torpedo marker, text offset in the HUD, text color change, which before that could not be changed, etc ...

Changes in 2.08 version:
-Manual release and reeling of Towed array (<- Backspace)
-New hot keys (TA selection, Enemy contacts, Depth setting)
-Expanded Campaigns in the North Atlantic (Convoys, Shock Groups, Submarines on their missions, a new type of Free Hunt missions)
-Icons on the strategic map correspond to the composition of the groups
-Amendment of background information and other fixes and improvements

Changes in 2.07 version:
-New model, sound and mechanics VA-111 "Shkval"
-Improved wake-guided torpedo behavior
-Visually visible wake traces depend on sea waves
-Reduced logic for recalculating torpedo range (realism)
-Added display of torpedo range on a tactical map
-Fix torpedo speeds depending on the mode of travel (approach / attack)
-Great depths, remake depth map on the global map
-Rebuild Campaigns in the North Atlantic (1968, 1984)
-Added information on the parameters of torpedoes in the museum and in combat information

Changes in 2.06 version:
-Torpedo range, depending on the mode of movement
-Added maximum torpedo movement depth
-Fixes, extensions, improvements to all Campaigns
-Re-equipment of Soviet / Russian submarines in accordance with the project
-Approximate to the real characteristics of torpedoes, etc.

Changes in 2.05 version:
-New model .661 Anchar (NATO Papa), Nimitz class aircraft carrier
-Wake-homing torpedoes
-Setting up torpedoes by depth of search and attack
-Circulation of torpedoes in a spiral to a depth
-Recast AI surface ships (regularly attack with torpedoes)
-Recast of acoustics taking into account Diesel/Nuclear submarine, there is / is no anti-sonar coating, sensor rebalance
-Recast AI submarines in shallow water
-Expansion of the Global Map (passages through the Bering Strait)
-Retexturing torpedoes
-Sounds from Ramius "RUSSIAN CREW 2020"